ELT Concourse is a priceless resource

A year and a half after completing my CELTA, I decided that it was time to upskill. I chose a Delta Module One course with one of the major providers and was accepted after a successful application. However, when I tried to pay for the course, the payment didn’t go through. No matter how many times I tried, the portal didn’t allow me to send the money, so I gave up. In the end, that payment portal’s malfunction turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Even though I didn’t pay for any course, I managed to pass the exam.

What happened was that I stumbled upon a free Delta Module One course on ELT Concourse and went through all the content in addition to my own background reading. I found the course extremely useful, and there is no doubt that it positively contributed to my passing the exam with a very good grade. Saving quite a lot of money was a nice little bonus as well.

ELT Concourse

ELT Concourse is a website on which you can find tons of materials related to teaching English. It takes some time to click through the sections because there are so many of them. For example: CELTA, TKT, phonemic transcription, a glossary of grammar, lexis and phonology, A-Z training index, etc. Anyone involved in ELT will find someting valuable on the website.

The content is heavy in terms of information, but it is written in a concise way. In addition, you can check your knowledge using various tests. This 100-item test in terminology is a personal favourite of time.

You won’t find ELT Concourse advertised on social media. The person responsible for running the website prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Although the content is undoubtedly worth a lot of money, it remains completely free for non-commercial use. High-quality professional development courses are usually quite expensive, so I find the fact that someone provides so much useful information for free really commendable. Thank you, ELT Concourse!

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