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This section of the website deals with various topics related to professional development of English teachers.

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Teaching qualifications
The importance of going beyond CELTA
Cambridge Delta FAQ
Tips for passing Delta Module One without taking a preparation course
Tips for passing Delta Module Two
My bumpy ride with Delta Module Three
Cambridge Train the Trainer FAQ
Tips for getting a CELTA Pass A
The importance of teaching qualifications

Useful resources
ELT Concourse is a priceless resource
Review: 100+ Professional Development Tips for Post-CELTA Teachers
Six ELT talks raising important questions
Six talks worth watching

Social media and blogging
Six ELT blogs worth following
Webinar: How to use Web 2.0 for professional development
Using social media as an English teacher
The best of LinkedIn
How to follow blogs
Blog anniversary
My most visited blog posts
What a weird year!

Book recommendations
Michael Lewis: The English Verb
Scott Thornbury: Beyond the Sentence
John Field: Listening in the Language Classroom
Mike Long: Second Language Acquisition and Task-Based Language Teaching
Gary Barkhuizen: Language Teacher Educator Identity